Mercy Health Saint Mary’s March 2021 DAISY Award Recipient

Isabel Grable BSN, RN, PCCN works on 8 Main in Cardiovascular Progressive Care. She received this award following the comments made by a patient and the patient’s mother, who left a voicemail for Isabel’s manager, a year after her care in the hospital.

From the manager: “The patient’s mother said, ‘I am reaching out to you one year later to tell you that we still thank God every day for Isabel. I truly believe that my daughter would not be here today if it were not for Isabel.’

“The patient’s mother also shared with me that she is a nurse. She said, ‘In our weakest and darkest moment, Isabel was there for us. As a nurse myself, I understand how complex her job is. She did an incredible job, and I don’t know how to thank her enough.’ “

From the patient: “When I came to the hospital, I was with my best friend and my grandma. I was scared and confused, but then Isabel came in and made everything a lot less scary until my mom got there that day.

“At my worst, Isabel held my hand while I cried in pain and was terrified. She comforted me in those moments. She went above and beyond what she needed to do. I’ll never forget the kindness and empathy shown to me by Isabel.

“As a Nursing major, Isabel and other nurses truly solidified that I want to be there for someone like that and change someone’s life just as mine was changed with amazing care. I would like to nominate Isabel for the DAISY Award for beyond-stellar-care and devotion to her patients.”

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