March 2021 Mercy Health Muskegon Friends of Nursing Award Recipient Bryn Pape

Third year Internal Medicine Resident Bryn Pape was selected as our March Friends of Nursing Award recipient.  She was nominated by her coworker.

“Bryn is always willing to help out, listen to concerns, take time to talk with both staff and patients, and be an integral member of an interdisciplinary team.

“Recently, Bryn and I were both caring for a patient who was receiving only comfort care, which we were beginning to withdraw. Unfortunately, no family members were present. I was super busy on the floor, and I was not going to be able to sit with the patient after we withdrew care. However, I did not want the patient to die alone.

“Bryn saw how busy I was, heard my concerns, and offered to sit with the patient so I could care for other patients. She also invited other residents to join her.

“I cannot express how grateful I am for her act of compassion and empathy that day, not only for the patient, but for me, as well. She modeled for the other residents how to truly provide patient-centered care and be an important member of an interdisciplinary team.”

Congratulations, Bryn.

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