Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Neuroscience Department Celebrates First Graduating Class

Neurology graduates Maryam Mian, Tony Propson, and Shakaib Qureshi at graduation in June 2021.

The Neuroscience department at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s celebrated its first graduating class of residents this month as the program just completed its first four-year term under Mercy Health.

The residents completed several areas of study in medical education, which included all aspects of neurology both on the inpatient and outpatient side, participating in research, and presenting on their specialty areas of study.

Resident Tony Propson implemented an algorithm for acute headache treatment. His findings were beneficial to the neurology staff and will provide further guidance in the area of study.

“We had a graduation last week and it was amazing experience and emotional for everybody,” said Christopher Morgan, MD, program director, Mercy Health Grand Rapids Neurology Residency at Hauenstein Neurosciences. “I’m just really proud of them. Proud of what they’ve accomplished, excited to see what they’ll accomplish in their careers, and anxious to see the amazing knowledge they’ll bring to the community.”

The graduating residents include:

Tony Propson: Continuing on to a Sports Neurology Fellowship at University of Michigan

Shakaib Qureshi: Continuing on to a Stroke and Neuro-Intervention Fellowship at University of Massachusetts

Maryam Mian: Continuing on to an Epilepsy Fellowship at Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids.

Additional appreciation goes out to the faculty, staff, and administration for the support for the neurology residency.

“It’s a culmination of the efforts we’ve put in the last four years,” said Morgan. “One of the points of these accolades is this to celebrate the graduates, but also celebrate the success of our program.”

Congratulations to the inaugural class of 2021!

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