Welcome Home: Why Laura Gordon Returned to Trinity Health Muskegon

Welcome Home is a series of articles featuring colleagues who chose to work at Trinity Health above other organizations or who left health care and later answered the call to return to a career of service and healing in Muskegon.

To sum it up, Laura Gordon returned to nursing at Trinity Health for this important reason:

“We nurses are tired. It’s not just the long hours — it’s that sometimes we aren’t seen as a person.

“I’m sharing my story because at Trinity Health, I’m seen as a person first, and then a nurse, and not just a resource or piece that needs to be plugged into the machine to keep it running. The acknowledgement of me as a person is huge.”

Laura’s family lives in Ludington, but she had been working at a hospital in Traverse City prior to coming to Muskegon as a relief nurse in December 2021.

“I loved working at Trinity Health Muskegon from the first moment. During orientation in December, I was really impressed. Our Chief Nursing Officer is a nurse’s nurse. She understands that nursing is a vocation. Working for a leader like her is a nurse’s dream. I know I can rely on her to get me the resources I need to provide safe patient care.”

Once Laura began working at Trinity Health, she shared this sentiment with her friends about her work environment:

“I felt like an Emergency Room nurse again. I understood how things were organized, I appreciated the way the team worked together…the whole package.”

Later recognizing that she was exhausted and needed a break from working in the Emergency Department, Laura returned to Traverse City and took a position working in the maternity department. Eventually, she decided to take a break from nursing entirely.

After rejuvenating from her break, Laura came to this conclusion:

“I’ve been a nurse for 28 years. At the end of the day, I’m an ER nurse. When I decided to return to nursing, I knew that the best fit was at Trinity Health Muskegon. It is a place where I can grow as a person and a nurse. That’s what brought me back to Trinity Health

Trinity Health’s mission and core values also ring true with Laura.

“They align perfectly with my belief system. The mission isn’t just pretty words on paper. That’s the second most important reason why I chose Trinity Health. The values are always there.”

Laura says her interactions with her teammates have been positive. “We show each other mutual respect. We’re all part of the same team; we’re all part of the same family.”

Welcome home, Laura. We’re glad you’re back!

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