Heartfelt Help from Strangers

Armen Kassouni, 61, isn’t in the habit of using Facebook messenger to communicate with people he has never formally met, but in this case, he has made an exception. His message to the two men he contacted was this: “I’m back on my bike, thanks to you guys.” That’s because on October 30, 2021, after … Read more Heartfelt Help from Strangers

“Mercy Health’s ‘Brain and Heart Plumbers’ Saved My Life”

At his age, 38-year-old Michael Putnam never expected to have both a heart attack and stroke in five days’ time, but beginning on October 30, 2018, that’s what happened. Following his Tuesday night routine of bowling with his team, Putnam didn’t feel well. When he went home, his symptoms included nausea and vomiting — along … Read more “Mercy Health’s ‘Brain and Heart Plumbers’ Saved My Life”